Another 6th & 7th Books of Moses Thread

The Heptameron, the Key of Solomon, the Lemegeton, the Arbatel of Magic, the Book of Abramelin, etc.

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Another 6th & 7th Books of Moses Thread

Post#1 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:40 pm

Hey everyone!

Last night I took my first crack at using the 6/7 Books of Moses.

Background: I’m currently in the middle of a very trying period of life: I’m in the middle of a divorce, expenses exceed income and the hours of my current job don’t permit me to work a second job.

Things are predictably going to get rougher over the next two weeks and I need some heavy duty magical intervention.

2 weeks ago I made two petitions to the God Helios using PGM IV. 1167-1226. The next day a series of synchronicities lead me to an online account of someone using the 6/7 Books of Moses. I interpreted this as a nudge from Helios so I acquire a copy and print out copies of the 12th Table of the Schemhamforasch and the Table of the Spirits of the Sun.

Fast forward to last night. Here’s what I did:
1. I showered and dressed in all white
2. I performed Leonardo Benites’ version of PGM IV. 2708-2784
3. I fumigated my room with Frankincense and Hyssop
4. I recited the 7 penitent Psalms.
5. I called the spirits of the 12th Table. I used tarot cards to divine whether the spirit was present.
6. Once confirmed, I moved on to call the spirits of the Table of the Sun and divined to confirm if they were present.
7. Once confirmed I made my requests and asked if they would grant me what I was asking for. (The answer appeared to be ‘ask the Spirits of the Moon Table)
8. I thanked the spirits and then recited the General Citation.

It was very straightforward. Much more than I expected. I will be doing this again tonight with the Table of the Moon.

Here is the “transcript” of the Q&A divination session:
Q. Spirits of the Schemhamforasch are you present?
A. 2 of Cups

Q. I intend to call the spirits of the Table of the Sun. Will you compel them for me?
A. 4 of Swords

Q. Spirits of the Table of the Sun are you present?
A. Queen of Wands

Q. *Makes request* Do you accept my request?
A. The Moon

Anyone else using this grim?

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