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Shem Ham Phorash

Posted: Mon May 19, 2008 2:12 pm
by Gibil
The Shem Ham Phorash or the 72 Angelic "guides" of the sepher rezial, may be part and parcel of the goetic practice depending onw how one views them. The first original work that I own that mention's them is the Sepeher Rezial, the book that was given to Adama supposedly in Eden. The SHP are first mentioned in Book Three as guides. Now that's where they stop. Next we go to the "goetia of Dr. Rudd" a much more recent release of John Rudd's work from the Elizabethan ((that time period)). An associate of John Dee and a practicioner in his own right. The book contains history dealing with the various versions of the Lesser Key of Solomon. It also contains a copy of the"goetia" ,as well as the theurgia-goetia and the art pauline. I will deal with the first portion by itself in which it gives the idea that the previously mentioned spirit's of shp could be used to command or bind the various goetic spirit's ((a one for one deal each goetic spirit has an angelic "key holder" who can release it)). Now another note is that the book also has seal's that are similer to but not do not directly reflect the earlier works of mather's work and waite's work. After reading the sepher rezial's notes I am convinced that some deeper connection between the two exists due to the various descriptions of the angelic "guides" and how their descriptions are very close to the descriptions of the goetic seals. Any other thought's or idea's on the subject would be appreciated.
V/R Gibil.