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Initiation Ritual

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:53 am
by Amadeus
Hi to all fellow men and woman walking in the path of mystery... ;o)

I am a bit new to this. All my life i have been drawn to the spiritual world... i even had dreams as a child of a man in a cape and with a staff in hand.... yesterday late at night i was on net surfing Goetia and all of a sudden i saw the face of the man in my dreams... it was me... now that freaked me out abit... the same thing with the name Amodeus... all my life i have used it and even on the net... now latter on i find out that it sounds alot like Asmosdeus...

ok to keep this short
Now after 30 years have past i would like to practice it. I have been reading allot on all the types of magic and everything. I still need to decide what i wanna do.. but at this moment I am very interested in Goetia magic for sum reason. I did download all the books on lesser key and greater key and so on but I have not dun anything yet. Maybe coz i am bit scared (coz i grew up in heavy christen home)(or maybe of all the negative stuff a red on the net about Goetia and spirits) or should i say cautious. Rather be save first than sorry latter. i know there is a view rituals about protection and banishing and so on but what prickle me a bit is that i don't find any real "good" Initiation Rituals for this sort of study.

Can any one tell me if there is any and if so what is the best one to use. it just don't feel right to think anyone can have great outcome if you don't start this right!

i wanted to do a simple Goetia Ritual (one posted in this forum) to a spirit or demon to help me learn the right stuff. coz i am in south africa and i dont think there is any real wizards or ppl here that can help.

any and all advise would be appreciated.