Goetic Candle Ritual

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Goetic Candle Ritual

Post#1 » Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:49 pm

I tried the goetic candel ritual that Vovin posted even though he later said that it wasn't really a good way to go about dealing with the spirits. Well the first one I did before I went on vacation, just as it was posted by Vovin and got a partial result but nothing close to what I actually requested, almost as if the spirit was letting me know he was there and that he had the power, but was not interested in fullfilling my request . Vovin hit the nail the head as usual, that ritual was a waste of time. When I was on vacation I tried the method again but completly differently for a friend of mine. He had something done to him and wanted revenge and I wanted to experiment further with this method and sort of went with my own idea in my head. I had my friend draw the triangle just as it was in my copy of the lemegeton. The only thing we left out was the names of God on the outside of it. We did however write Michael's name exactly as it was written. I had him draw the seal of the spirit we had chosen. I then had him write at the top of the paper a shortened conjuration from the lemegeton commanding the spirit to obey the request. I then had him write out the request around the edge of the triangle. We then lit a corresponding colored candle on the seal and two black ones on the outside of the triangle. I then had him recite a petition I wrote to the spirit and other spirits of hatred and destruction to assist. While he was reciting it I was putting my willpower into it to assist him in his goal and I began seeing images of the person who wronged him flash through my mind and crazy tension and feeling was in the room and crawling on my skin. My friends hands began shaking as soon as he started drawing the seal and did not stop until after the petition had been read(We lit the candles before calling upon them) Later he told me that all the weight he was carrying was gone and that he felt better then he had in a long time. He did say that he kept seeing the seal almost every time he closed his eyes for a few days afterward and even felt compelled to draw it upon a piece of pottery he was making in his ceramics arts class. I did not feel the same way as I had when I had tried it the other way though I felt something similiar, just not as strong and overwhelming as it was when I tried it the other way. If it works I will up date you all.
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