Enflaming Myself with Prayer

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Enflaming Myself with Prayer

Post#1 » Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:20 am

Greetings all,

Update on my evocation process. I began my prayers yesterday evening. When I was in the shower saying my first prayers I felt an eeire feeling and started getting phenomona in my house, lights flaring bumps all sorts of stuff. I was afraid but went forward anyway, robed up, put on the lion skin belt (Feel it helps protect me even when not evoking) ointed myself with hyssop oil and started my prayers in my magickal chamber. Things got a lot better. I could tell their was still a presence in the house though when I made my morning prayer. I say St. Patricks breastplate in the Morning. I went out after my classes were over and bought holy water and a smudge stick of cedar and sage. I came home and prayed and smudged and made sprays of holy water throughout the whole house commanding whatever was there, be it human, or of the fallen to leave. I told the dead to move on or to leave as they cannot stay here, I told any fallen spirit that I have not yet summoned you and to leave until I command you at the proper time and place. Anything malevolent that I had no dealings with now or in the future to leave permantly. (It went and sounded better then what I am typing here BTW) Afterards I made my nighty prayers. 23 and 51.7 Psalms The Lords Prayer and the daily Orison prayer etc. I do this fully robed with the cap and the lion skin belt. I made my personal prayers and burned Frankencense. Anyway the house feels a lot better now and I feel very much at peace. All is going well and I have had no strange occurrences. Should I take it as a good sign that I am being noticed already? Or is that bad? Take care-Scottishjim
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