My Evocation Experiments

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My Evocation Experiments

Post#1 » Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:14 pm

Greetings evocation magic members. I have had a request to post my experiences on this forum. Many of you have seen my posts for sometime now and while I do not post often I will pop up every once in awhile for those of you interested.

I was able to perform my first evocation at the beggining of the year. The spirit was Orobas. While I did come into what I can now say is a prsence in the room, other then a feeling I got no phenomena. I dismissed without charges. That night a strange gray mist appeared in my bedroom. I turned on the light and looked at itfor another five seconds until it slowly began to dissolve and go away. After that I have had many strange occurences in the house but that is a story for another.

My next series of evocations produced nothing, however i always got phenomena before or after the ceremony. I gave a charge to Orobas once and it back fired on me. All my evocations were complete failures.

I studied, asked some people I respect on the matter, and streamlined and tweeked my system. This last Wednesday I had what I call an evocation breaktrhough.

The Spirit was Sitri. While I had no REAL need for this spirit I thought it could be interesting to see what he could do. The evocation went very well and I finally got the phenomena I have been seeking since i started this work. While not a full manifestation I feel I was very close. I got rappings to my left, a strange mist in the room darker grey then the incense smoke and a pulsating light appeared on the wall over the triangle. I gave the address and things just got more intense and the light spread further on the wall drawing in on itself only to spread out again and repeat this motion until the ceremony was complete. I had trouble concentrating in the spirits presence and my perception was hightened to the point of feeling euphoric. I stemmered through my commands trying to remeber exactly what I wanted done. Commanded and dismissed. I am curious to see if this one will workout for me or backfire in some way like the last. Hope you all enjoyed reading.
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