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The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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All Things Shem

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I've been working with the Shem haMephorash for a number of years now. I was introduced to some of the angels through NAP. However, NAP limits their use to attack and defend spells. Having little need/desire for those type of spells at the time, I crafted my own spells in the vein of NAP to work with them. My approach and technique were crude and basic, but I managed to make a connection and see results. I had read and heard the Shem were a good "starter" group for people beginning in evocation.

Fast forward a few years.

Lately, I've been working with Damon Brand's "Magickal Angels" series of books. It's been hard to find an actual system dedicated to working with the 72 angels. I find Brand's system very easy to understand and perform to yield results with very little tools and experience. At the same time, it gives alot more wiggle room than something like NAP. The best thing I can describe Brand's MA technique is Mystic Grimoire. The basic outline is given ... the goals and angels you write yourself, and words of power and sigils are provided for each spirit to activate your ritual. The system may seem TOO simple for a seasoned ceremonial magician, but I find it suits me nicely.

This brings me back to my original post. I had trouble finding info on Shem evocation, at least at first. It's not like the Goetia, or even Planetary grimoires; where there's many books and info on those techniques. I found information about the angels themselves (even that proved somewhat tricky), but as far as evocation techniques, it seemed you had to have a good amount of knowledge under your belt, in general evocation, and craft your own rituals. A bit intimidating for a newbie. I found that some books that offered techniques for Shem evocation,were more relating to using them in combination with the Goetia. That's why I have to give it up to Mr. Brand, for making these spirits more accessible by putting them into their own system.


So I open the thread to anyone who has anything to share about the Shem. Below are some topics I'd love for people to write about. I'd love to centralize people's experiences, opinions and anything else you're willing to share. I sincerely thank u for anything you have to contribute!

* Favorite Shem angels / experience ???
* Favorite books and/or evocation techniques for work ???
* Working with the Shem in relation to the Tree of Life/Zodiac/Goetia ???
* Comparisons to Shem vs other spirits ; Archangels / Planetary / Zodiac spirits / Goetia / other paradigms and pantheons ???
* Your Experiences with the "inverse/qlippoth" versions of the spirits ???
* Your Experiences with Shem angels in general
* Shem related to the Tarot
* Shem related to the Psalms
* Other things I haven't covered !!!

A good page to check out: ... oresh.html

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