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Okay, Paul Foster Case is probably debunked in his claims about dangers in Enochian magic, but how can one answer to next claims by one of the greatest modern adepts-Dolores A. Nowicki, in her interview given to Mark Stavish, let me quote one part:

[*]" Mark Stavish: I noticed that there is no mention of Enochian magic in the material you have on your website. Why all the warnings about Enochian, and its purported dangers?

Dolores A.Nowicki: Enochian is very tonal. One of our supervisors, left many years ago, in order to take up Enochian. He’s a very, very competent occultist, a very good ritualist. Quite a down to earth person. And two years later, he was a nervous wreck. He’d set aside one room in his house as a temple, furnished it, and for two years, almost every day had spent some time in there. Either practicing a call, or doing a longer Enochian rituals, or that, It started with him going in one day, and finding all of the furniture pilled in one end of the room. He put it back again, and said to himself, this did not happen. It happened again, and again, and finally one day he found his alter upside down. He de-consecrated the entire place and shut it out. And said, I can’t do this anymore. Whatever it was thought well maybe he doesn’t want to do it anymore, but it did. He began to find things around the house, all bundled in a corner, standing on top of one another. Came in one day, and found two of his books, one flat, one on edge, and a glass of water standing on top. He tried everything, he blessed the house, cleansed the house, and called in a priest and had it exorcised. One of the things people don’t know about exorcism, is that you can’t really use exorcism on things that are older than Christianity. In the end he gave up all forms of the occult, sold all of his books, but not before he damn hear came to the edge of a nervous breakdown..."[*]

So, as you can see she dosn't do any Enochian. And these warnings are scary enough for even adepts not to mention beginners. So how can one answer to claims above maded by real magician (not from primary mystic like P.F.Case) ?
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