I Have A Few Quastions.

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I Have A Few Quastions.

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hello everyone

I wanted to start learning from the book called summoning spirits from konstatinos since his book and writing style is more to my style then bardons books but i do have some questions i want answerd first before i continue.

1-does problems with the human senses make it impossible to develop astral senses?
since astral senses is the most important part in any form off evocation. i ask this becouse my right eye and ear dont work and my left eye works for max 10% on good days (my left ear works far above normal so thats a plus) so will this cause a problem in developing astral senses.(i will be using the magic mirror practice for evocation (astral evocation using the magic mirror)so astral senses are very important)

2-there are some posts on the forum where people talked about evoking entities in the dreams they draw the seal on a piece of paper and put that under the pillow when they go to sleep and somehoe not only do the become conscience in there dreams the entitie also appears and they can talk with the entitie and ask there wish as if during a evocation so my quations is:what is that called and how does it work? to me it seems some form of astral evocation (since during sleep you are on the astral) and do you also need to perform the lrbp and mp before this practice.

3-i will mostly be working on and using the practice with the magic mirror (using a magic mirror for astral evocation)
what can be done with the astral evocation using a magic mirror to communicate one can ask all the same things as someone using the evocation to our plane(ask quastions,ask there wish,ask for the spirit to use it's abillity's,make requests,etc) but from my point of view using the magic mirror has more advantage becouse the entitie will be in it's own realm it can show you things like a picture or video the entitie will be more comfortable becouse its on his own plane off existence it can perform your request directly use it's abillity's directly well the list can go on.so my qustions regarding this are:does the magic mirror need to be a mirror or is it just a piece of glass where one side is painted black (if it is the second then can one use a computer screen.) there is some talk that sometimes it's hard to hear the entities voice becouse using a medium instead evoking the entitie to our plane so to solve that hearing problem can one not ask for something like subtitles? that way you can always communicate. using the method off the magic mirror can the entitie always hear your?

3-the tools argument as stated above i will be using the magic mirror method for evocation so one already uses less tools then during the physical evocation but why does one need tools at all im talking about the long list of tools in every book. when reading these books it looks like there is a red line going true that actualy the only thing you need is yourself.the person self holds more power(dont know if it is the right word doesnt feel right) then any tool will ever have since the tools are nothing without the user.
you need to prepare the tools then infuse them with energy etc without that they are nothing but doesnt your finger alone posses all that?
also since my invention for fixing my eyes and ears costs alot of money to build i wont have the money to buy or build these tools so can one then replace them with things you have around like a knife in the kitchen for a dagger a screwdriver for a wand etc.

so far these are some of the questions (i think there will be more) so i hope there are people with answers for me.

in advance thanks.

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