Angel Magic - Finding angel names?

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Angel Magic - Finding angel names?

Post#1 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:14 pm

I wonder if I can choose a word from OT in original hebrew, add El to it so it will become an angel, fallen or of light depending on the context that word would occur.

For instance, take the word ahab (love), and add El so it becomes the angel Ahabel (love of God). Have anyone ever heard about or tried such method?

If this method is valid, I can suppose that words that occur always in good context will form the names of angels that have more of the light of God, words that occur in good and bad sense will form names of angels that doesnt have so much light as the former, but are still of God. Now, words that occur always in bad sense will invariably form names of fallen angels, i.e:

SML, the root of Samael, means idol, and in the five times it occurs in the OT it is in bad sense. In Deu. 4:16 it is making reference to the golden calf made by the jews while Moses was in the mount receiving the 10 commandments. The idol arouse the Anger of God, but against Israel, not on its behalf. It's probably from this instance that came the association of this angel with the Sphere of Mars. ... 566&Lang=H


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