The Enochian "language?

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The Enochian "language?

Post#1 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:28 am

Im curious about some perspectives on this so called language. I will here explain my personal view, and would be interested in others thoughts on mine, as well as their own view on the subject in general.

Personally when experimenting with the enochian system I found it to be quite easy, as well as quite powerful. Of course I had to wonder what it had, what about it would make it so? I could not stop thinking back to the assertation that all Dee's work is just cryptography, as well as his actual connection to cryptography. Somehow i was convinced there was something important here, but it continued to elude me because i was faced with the certainty that it is a spirit system.

As i went about my work, mostly not in the enochian format, because despite its draws I simply preferred other things I ended up working with an entity known in a few places, yet only properly described in Mr Frisvolds text on quimbanda, Exu Pemba. I will here quote from the text mentioned:

"his field of activity is related to automatic writing and drawing as well as all things related to signatures and encrypting, sigils and signs, colour and the script itself"

In a possession style work with Mr. Pemba that I will likely post at some point in the ATR section of this forum, I came to an understanding of ritual as encryption of intent for the mind, among other things. One of these other things explained several obscure points to me. One was why "voces magicae" seem to have such a powerful effect when we know they are usually simply in a language we do not speak, or made up using various systems, such as the stoichea. It occured to me that by saying something without saying it in language that is immediately intelligible to the conscious mind, we are encrypting intent much like we are with the mantrical and word method, so called, of the sigil process (best explained IMO by frater u.d. in "practical sigil magic" which i encountered shortly after this realization which only seemed to confirm my new understanding).

Something else that Mr Pemba blessed me with was the idea to use the tables of agrippa, similar to Donald Tysons explanation of them but slightly modified (hoping to post an article on these soon) to not only create encrypted names, but also to encrypt words, phrases, invocations, bindings, etc. Upon using this kind of summons, i found that my calls were heeded by spirits much faster, and i got much more potent "materializations" be it in mirror, bowl, or what have you. Much like what i had experienced using enochian. To experiment, I wrote an entire ritual in enochian, but directed at an entity from the lemegeton, and using thelemic references and philosophy. So to put it another way, i used the enochian language to write a decent summons, conjuration, and binding for use in a totally non enochian context. BAM, same result. Swift and powerful.

So now i finally come around to my point, which simply put is this: The enochian language is not a language per se, but is essentially a form of encryption. I understand that it has been pointed out that it is clearly not produced via transliterative cypher. I agree with this, and do realize that it is therefore not the same as my work with the tables a la agrippa. But that is not to say that it was not a form of speech given to (or created by) Dee. Perhaps Dee intuitively knew what i have come to realize with Mr pemba, or maybe we can even go so far as to postulate that Mr pemba, likely with his earlier name of brulefer was an unstated or even unknown influence on Dee?
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