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FREE Grimoire - Tuba Veneris redaction

Post#1 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:19 pm

So Im not sure if Im breaking any rules by posting this in two places, but everyone loves free books right? So I figured it would be helpful to also leave it here in the book section as well:
nipha333 wrote:I have done some extensive work with this grimoire under the tutelage of Hekate, and would like to offer my redaction of it here in PDF. It does not give any orations, simply the required info on the artefaction and consecration of the book of spirits and explanation of the nature of these spirits. It is up to the operator to write their own summons, conjuration, and so forth. As i say in the text, if you do not know the basics, this is not for you, and I think this is quite appropriate to studioarcanis. I have shared this with some offline associates that work with Hekate and the general consensus has been that it works quite well. Some will say that the original text says nothing of Hekate and that therefore I am simply making things up or forcing squares into circles. In my defense i will say that I see the grimoires much as Jake Stratton Kent outlines them: derived from greek nekromancy, or in other words goeteia via the Orphic texts. That, as well as the fact that most of my work is of this type and that Hekate has literally referred to herself as "dark venus" to me, and that it was her who directed me to this grimoire in the first place. Those things having been said this interpretation is not only perfect to me, but experience and instruction from Hekate herself prove it out.

I will try to cover a few questions here that people who have read this document have asked, an FAQ if you will:

"What do you mean by vitriol water?" - Copper sulfate in a vinegar solution.

"What do you mean by 'admixtured with appropriate materiae and powers' ?" - Meaning that the prescribed materiae are not the end all recipe, they are basic, if you are familiar enough with magick to operate the grimoire you should also be familiar enough with correspondences to add appropriate materials. By powers is meant that as you should well know, blending ingredients does not a potion make. In other words, you should be imbuing these materials with the appropriate energies, not simply throwing the ingredients together.

"Why do you refer to the spirits names as titles?" - My experience shows that almost all spirits including these will do much like the arbatel suggests, give you a personal name to call them, or give you their "secret name". So I refer to the traditional names from the original text as "titles" as opposed to names proper. The same should be assumed for the sigils, the spirits may very well give you alternates.

"The signs on the horn are the sigils of the entities but also of the 'angel of venus, anael' , how do you reconcile jewish angels with a grimoire of hekate?" - Similar to the spirit titles and sigils, I am supplying the originals, because on principle I used the original imagery when I first operated this Grimoire, and also because The alternates were given to me by direct instruction from Hekate and the servitors. It is for you to also start with the original seed, and nurture your own flower.

I am open to questions. I will not supply you with my own ritual format or my orations as it were. My system is highly personalized and for me and those i work with intimately. This short redaction is not meant to teach evokation, or to outline any "right" ritual format. It is to offer the perspective and experience of someone who has used the grimoire to good affect, and has suggestions for its modern implementation. Aside from requests for basic evokation how to, I welcome questions comments and concerns. ... venus3.pdf
'Goetic Magic … if properly understood would regenerate Western magic and underline its immense cultural significance, on a level equal to any spiritual tradition in the world.' -JSK

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