Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.
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Hi friends

last night my medium saw TAOAGLA as an african shaman.. it may be right because He controls the Afran zone and she didnt know it. I think I saw him in a lucid dream but I really dont have real proofs, so I would like to know what U think about. in total black I became lucid and i began to fly in the night. I vibrated TEX and then TAOAGLA. I try to find him but initially I found only a `larva`, I dont know how to say in english.. like phantoms which take your energy. Then I saw him in a desert parking, by night. I asked him if he was TAOAGLA and he told me `I am TAOAGLA and I am also a shaman, but I dont answer to a Coglione (i think in english is something like Jackass or similar :o )I understood he was testing me and my reactions but I just ask for a seal. He didnt give it to me but he gave me a Word,(a Formula or Spell) and He told me that I will understand it meditating in different times. I ask for more information and he make me see black skulls, He told me that it is a coin. I asked `a coin?`` and he: yes what U think? a spoon?
then arrived two beautiful girls and he sayd they were his two Souls. I immediatly understood they were no Larve because I can recognize them. He told me to choose one and one of them kissed me, the other too. One of them sayd: he is (Me) interessed in Denti. It is teeth in english But Thooth is Spirit (shin letter). So may be theeth is Spirits. I dont know. The same day my medium had a vision during the LIber A`Ash ritual: I and She were fucking :toss and around us there were two girls moving around us and looking for us. I didnt know it.
so, do something sound familiar to U or do U think something about this experience?
sorry for my poor english, like usual and Thank You for any impressions


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