Growing a plant in a public place

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Growing a plant in a public place

Post#1 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:22 pm

Hi fellows.

Reading a grimoire (Liber Falxifer 2), I stumbled upon a chapter mentioning the "psychic" properties of various places and the effects they had on plants growing nearby. For example

Seas, rivers and wells connect in different ways to the powers of the aquatic shades and spirits, possess certain links to the realm of the dead and confer amongst other things the powers of prophecy, dream control and spirit summoning.

Fences, walls and other similar barriers confer the power to protect, keep out and set boundaries, but sometimes also the ability to cross that which stands in the path and traverse to the other side.

Fields and meadows confer the powers of abundance through work, good harvest and connect to still much more relevant and deep mysteries.

This gave me an idea: growing mandrake plants (which has a reputation for being conducive to wealth) near a public market so that the "psychic" properties of the place infuse the plants with even more wealth-conductive properties. This may be especially interesting since mandrake can be used in other ways than the wealth-seeking one.

What do you think of this?
Would the plants benefit from the same properties if they are grown in pots instead of proper ground (the latter being exposed to exhaust gases)?

I'm already thinking of producing home macerated rum out of mandrake and cinnamon, which has the same wealth-related reputation. A rum that makes you wealthy :mrgreen:

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