franz bardon puttling people to sleep/ knocking them unconscious

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franz bardon puttling people to sleep/ knocking them unconscious

Post#1 » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:30 pm

bardon has written this regarding putting people to sleep psychically. read the full thing!:

“Another field very similar to telepathy and suggestion is that of hypnosis, by which a person is sent to sleep forcibly and deprived of the free will. From the magical point of view hypnosis is reprehensible and it would be better not to specialize in this line. This does not mean that the magician is not able to lull people to sleep. The practice is imaginably simple. The magician need only suspend the function of the spirit by means of his will or with the help of the electromagnetic fluid, and the person will fall asleep instantly. Here it is less important whether the magician is using telepathy or suggestion. He can use both of them as a makeshift but he does not depend on them. A master of the powers does not need one or the other, because the very moment he paralyzes the will by way of imagination, sleep or unconsciousness will occur instantly, which will set free the subconscious and make it susceptive of any kind of suggestions. Just this act of violence, i.e, the intervention in the individuality of a human being is not recommended from a magic point of view, and the magician will not revert to it unless to give his subject good and noble suggestions with an extremely strong effect. Even though the test subject should insist on being hypnotized by the magician, he should avoid doing so if possible. The true magician will always keep away from satisfying the curiosity of others by hypnotic experiments. At times of great danger, a well-trained magician may induce a sort of shock-hypnosis by paralyzing the spirit of the opponent with a flash of the electromagnetic fluid, a method that is only to be followed in an emergency which I hope will never happen in the life of any magician. It has been proven scientifically that animals can be hypnotized too. If a magician wants to do so, he will hit the instinctive side of the animal, so that even the biggest and strongest animals are immediately knocked senseless.”

Can anyone provide further insight on how this is done?

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Also this:

a certain occultist has written this passage:

"For instance, take a man who has no knowledge of shaktipat: he too can practice a little bit of

shaktipat with the help of body magnetism. But he has no knowledge of the other six bodies within.

The body has its own magnetic force. If arrangements are made through some situation you can

be made to receive shocks through it. This is why the meditator in ancient times was careful about

which direction to keep the head when sleeping. He would not put his head in a certain direction or

his feet in a certain direction.

The earth has its magnetic force and the meditator is always mindful to be properly aligned with it

so that he is constantly magnetized by it. If you sleep at an angle to this force your body magnetism

becomes less. If you lie in the direction of the current, the force which gives the earth its magnetism

and which forms the earth’s axis will also magnetize your own body magnet. It fills your body with

the magnetic force in the same way that a piece of iron is magnetized by placing it in front of a

magnet. After becoming magnetized it will begin to draw smaller objects like pins and needles.

So the body has its own magnetic force. If it can be properly aligned with the magnetic force of the

earth it is very beneficial. The stars too have magnetic forces. On special occasions certain stars

are particularly magnetic. This can be verified; we have all the necessary information. So if you are

in a particular state seated in a particular posture at a certain special moment, a particular star will

cause your body to become especially magnetized. Then you can give magnetic shocks to anyone

and they can take it for shaktipat. But it is not shaktipat. The body has its own electricity. If this is

produced in a proper way you can light a bulb of five to ten watts by merely holding it in your hand.

These experiments have been successful. There are people who just hold the bulb in the palm of

their hand and it is lighted. But the energy within the body is infinitely more.

You take energy from the food you eat and this energy charges the batteries in your body. Therefore,

many times you feel the necessity to recharge the batteries. A man is tired and spent by the evening.

A good night’s rest recharges him. However, he does not know what it is that recharges him in sleep.

During sleep some influences are at work upon him. Much psychic research has been done and we know what kind of forces work on him in sleep. If a man wishes he can take advantage of these

influences in the waking state. Then he is capable of giving you energy shocks that are not even

magnetic but which are of the body electricity. You can mistake this for shaktipat. There are many other ways of pseudo shaktipat that are equally false. They are in no way connected

with the actual transmission of divine energy. If a person has no knowledge of body magnetism, of

body electricity, but he knows the secret of breaking the electric circuit of your body, he can give you

energy shocks then too. There are many ways of breaking your body’s electrical circuit, and when

this is disturbed you receive a shock. Nothing comes from the other person toward you but you feel

the shock. It is the shock of your own body electricity which has been disturbed."

My key area of interest lies with the last method which has been mentioned. The term shaktipat in these contexts is basically an electrical emmission. but going back to the question: how do you break someones body electricity circuit?

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