Interpreting the Enochian Keys

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Interpreting the Enochian Keys

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Only crazy people write posts this long!

Most of the people reading this are probably aware that Enochian isn’t really “my thing.” But it’s incredibly fascinating all the same.

I was introduced to Enochian through the Golden Dawn system, in which Enochian is used as an overlay for the Greco-Judaic gumbo that forms the basis of their mythology. It is not an easy text to understand, and demands a sophisticated knowledge of astrology. In the Golden Dawn universe, Enochian is the “primitive” magic, a system that predates and supersedes all the other forms of esotericism in their doctrinal corpus.

It seemed a little silly that you would build up years of intonation of the Hebrew-ish and Egyptian names and then abandon it all in favor of the Enochian system which is in many ways the same thing with different words, and so I set it aside again until I discovered the work of Geoffrey James. He had the brilliant idea to actually read the Dee records, reproduce them, and offered a suggestion as to their significance. These are now reprinted in several forms, but at the time it was not readily available. Everyone had been aware that the Golden Dawn was invented material, but James was offering actual transcripts between the head and founder of Her Majesty’s Secret Service and spirits he conjured into a crystal with his friend. The real deal, at last.

It’s definitely not an easy pack of literature to read. Secrets of the unive… whuu? More like pages of Sudoku challenges and texts in a language of mysterious and yet still somewhat sketchy origin. It had no context. Donald Tyson wrote an article on the subject for Gnosis, suggesting that the Keys were Apocalyptic in content, which is evident enough in reading them, and that they were designed to usher in some kind of apocalyptic sequence.

The Satanists love the Keys, and Anton LaVey deserves credit for at least attempting to decipher some actual practical value from the use of the Enochian Keys. The Golden Dawn wizard is out there invoking CBALPT by VRBIZ by the 5th Key, invoking the lesser quadrangle of earth in the Watchtower of the North, while the Satanists are conjuring for better entertainment options.

What follows are a series of my own personal interpretations of the Keys. You can take it or leave it. I really can’t say that this is anything like a final or even relevant word on the subject, but it’s my take, for what that’s worth, and I will post several other long posts in which each of the Keys will be opened for discussion and interpretation.

Measurements and Numbers

Several places in the Keys reference numbers. The numbers sometimes, but not always, fit within the flow of the sentence. For example: “they whose number is 31.” Sometimes, however, the numbers do not fit the flow of the sentence, as in “bring down your train 3663.” The numbers are often repeated or sequential, such as “69636” and “5678.”

David Allen Hulse attempts to decode the numerical wonders of the Enochian language. I have read his work and studied that particular section with much dedication, and I am as of yet uncertain where the cryptography ends and the “magic” of Enochian begins, but there are certainly numerical puzzles embedded in Enochian.

There being no grand convocation of scholars whose edict has given the final rule on the meaning of these obscure numbers in this obscure tract of Elizabethan lore, I will conjecture myself that the numbers equate to a manner of degree or rank, from 1-9 in increasing value. The numbers with more digits have greater significance, and their places have symbolic rather than numeric value. If one were to assume it was the oracle of an angel, then it is no wonder then that such a system is comprehensible to children, regardless of the numerological calculus of their cabalistic elders.

The structure of the Keys is not so neatly established as the Golden Dawn would have us believe, yet they are relatively clear if taken at face value. There are the first and second Keys, which identify the speaker, the message, and the audience. The next four are concerned with the four “angles,” or in other words the great Tablets of lettered squares. The next three are addressed the East, the place of Sun rising, the Moon with its 28 mansions, and the other planets in the solar system along the ecliptic. Following these, there is an address to the “sons of fury and daughters of lust,” and to three “flames of justice” before the final key which speaks of sacred light.
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