Successful working with Belial

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Successful working with Belial

Post#1 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 11:44 am

Hi All,

I don't post often anymore, but I thought I would post here on a recent working that was not only successful, but transformational and changed my views on some aspects of magick. Little bit of a long post, so TL:DL, I unwittingly unwound 20 years worth of career magic, lost my job, car and very nearly family, Belial fixed it for me in spectacular fashion whilst also achieving a physical manifestation during evocation.

Back-story, this starts near the end of 2017. My go-to spirit for career was Och and I still use him today, however I had a crisis of faith and decided that the best thing I could do was burn it all down and start again, magically that is. So I started looking around for something new. I found it in the excellent Josephine McCarthy course that some of you may be familiar with. I threw myself into this and really worked hard, it was awesome, refreshing and very functional. I quickly ran into a blockage and somehow I just could not progress. I did card readings and they indicated severe danger if I proceeded, to my health and livelihood. Egotistically I pushed forward. In the space of 3 months I destroyed 20 years of building my career. I went from running a billion dollar business, to being unemployed and without much money. The speed at which it happened astounded me. What is worse, when i tried the traditional approach to fix job and money with magick, it didn't work, I had somehow locked myself out. People familiar with the Quareia approach would realise how incompatible this is with money / work sorcery, so I am not too surprised that i had locked myself into a particular current and was finding it very hard to get out. Please let me be clear, Josephine's work is second to none, she has done more for the magical community than most. I am the idiot who didn't think or heed warnings and got burned, so please judge me, not her or her system.

Forward a sad series of failures and events to the beginning of 2019 and I was getting desperate. I tried everything, NAP, Arbatel, GKoS, Sigils, Angels, Shem, Planetary Spirits, I even paid a very reputable practitioner to create a gris-gris bag and a bunch of oils for me. When I say nothing happened, I mean nothing, I was magically dead, it was terrifying. So, in desperation, I started to pray to my idea of Divinity. After a while, I had the inclination to look up Saints and this is where I came across Saint Cyprian of Antioch. Ironically, his book was in my library and I had forgotten about it, so I read it (Thank you Frater Acher).

I clearly remember the next bit like it was yesterday and I believe I will remember it vividly forever. I was in my gym, working out, Fields of the Nephilim was playing (Zoon, parts 1 & 2) and I was exhausted from working out. I impromptu called out to Saint Cyprian of Antioch in frustration and ask him to open the gates so that I could be free. The Saint answered, the room lit up and my body felt energised to the point where I thought I would take off. I spontaneously burst into tears and cried for a good amount of time, then I began to laugh and joy filled me to the point where I have never been so happy, then I started crying again and eventually it tapered out. I pretty much immediately set up an alter in my study, read up as much as possible and started doing dedications and praying for intercession daily. The Altar for St Cyprian of Antioch is still there and in regular use.

Life began to improve, I started getting interviews, but it became clear that all was not well. Lots of people would talk to me, I would have lots of interviews, they would go very well, everybody loved me, but then always outside circumstances would intervene and I would lose momentum and be jobless. So I decided to amp up the Saints, Psalms, Prayers and Angels. It did absolutely nothing and then the messages started.

Everything I evoked would just say, "It is ordained" - will I get this job, "It is ordained", etc, repeat, through many evocations, card readings, vision journeys. I had no idea what it meant and to this day I still do not. I expect it means, "You are fucked", but then who knows. Eventually, after daily offerings and prayers for over a year, my Saint came back to me. He told me that I needed to work with Demons.

So, I pretty much picked the softest demon that can give honours out there, Orobas. I evoked him in the North and the evocation worked as normal for me. I felt a presence that was 'infernal', I saw visions in my mind of horses running, I heard raspy voices etc. I bound and charged the spirit and sent him on his way. Nothing happened, I was frustrated. In my frustration, I sat at my desk staring at the effigy of Saint Cyprian of Antioch in glum frustration and again I received a message, "If you want to be a King, you must ask King" - basically, stop being a fucking pussy and do it right.

So first, I created all of the equipment from Trithemius. Then I evoked each of the planetary angels and asked for initiation into the spheres. I started with Saturn on Saturday and ended with Saturn on Saturday. The intention of the work was to be initiated again into the planetary current, but also to ask Saturn for the gift of removing or broadening boundaries. For each evocation, I asked Saint Cyprian to act as my intermediary and bring the Angels forth.

Then I evoked Belial (Bel-e-Al, not Bel-eye-l). My setup may be different from most, so for your benefit this is what I did. I had the Trithemius wand and triangle. I dedicated a Crystal to Belial and used it as the medium and part of the offering. I used my Lion Skin Belt instead of a physical circle. I had an Ebony staff, a hexagram of solomon on calf skin, holy water, anointing oil and I created a Lamen with the seal of Belial on one side and the Pent. of Solomon on the other. I also had a blessed and consecrated sword. Saint Cyprian was positioned to my right and a candle was lit for him. I had an offering of expensive single malt, fruit, nuts, resin, a crystal and a black candle

The ritual went as follows:

0) Ritual shower and cleansing prayer
1) invoke the divine and ask for blessing and success
2) Invoke St Cyprian and ask him to intercede, open the gateways and bring forth Belial
3) Prayers for putting on the Lamen and Belt
4) Consecration of the Crystal
5) Consecration of the circle
6) Consecration of fire (I did not use incense, just a black candle dedicated to Belial as a part of the offering)
7) Evocation of Belial
8) License to depart

I wrote out the ritual and bound it into a little book. Books are very powerful magical weapons

Using St Cyprian in this way was particularly effective, but the star of the show was Belial. He presence hit like a meteor, time felt like it stopped. The candle flame divided into a star shape, it was extraordinary, I was stunned but it wasn't an "effect", it was real. In addition, over the crystal, a grey form manifested as clear as day. I was a bit dazed and in an "evocation" trance, but when I saw this it snapped me back to reality, only the shape was actually there and remained, swirling around, until I gave the license to depart - it caused me to rethink a great deal of what I thought I knew about magick. I charged the spirit and offered a payment in addition to the offerings I had in place (which included several thousand dollars worth of gold coins), which was accepted. The license to depart was also dramatic as it resulted in the absence of the spirit, like the air being sucked out of the room.

A few days later I got a call from a Head Hunter, a job I had applied for previously and was told no, was available again. Apparently the candidate who had accepted, resigned from his old job and was 70% through his garden leave had suddenly pulled out, leaving the position suddenly vacant. I went through the interview process and got the job. It wasn't quite that easy, the old current that wanted me to lead a simple and selfless life was still trashing about in there somewhere and obstacles were thrown up. In total I evoked Belial 3 more times before I had signed the paper. One notable experience was that I ended up with two job offers on exactly the same day. I was sitting in my study contemplating what to do and glanced over the to area now dedicated to Belial (he has his own vessel and receives various offerings, mostly expensive whiskey) and he clearly stated, "You MUST take job X". So I took job X. After I took Job X, I found out that the other Job was not real and had all sorts of terrible complexity and would have evaporated quickly and left me once again jobless.

So there you have it. I can only be thankful for the intervention of this incredible King Belial, he who managed to create an outcome with what felt like the entire universe in opposition, where every other spirit had failed. I guess Saint Cyprian was right, if you want to be a King, you need to ask a King


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